Sale on Cassie Pengear Mysteries Bundle

cassieBundleCover copysc6

I mentioned when I posted about book 7 that I would be putting the bundle of books 1,2 and 3 on sale to get new readers for the series, and now I have the dates.  It will be $.99 instead of the usual $6.99 from October 13 until November 6.  Those are the official dates, but the sale price will probably come up a little before and stay up a little bit after because I want to make certain it gets to all of the sites for those dates.  So if you’ve been thinking of reading the first three books or you know someone who would like them,  Friday is a good time to get them.

New Short Story

I’ve added a new short story to the site, A Case of Two Clerks.  You can read it here.  I’ve also added it to the end of Killing at the Carnival as a bonus story.  New downloads of the book should have the story in it, but I don’t have any control over whether or not retailers update previous copies (I know Amazon tends not to update old purchases), so if you want to download a copy with the new story, Smashwords is probably your best bet, and they have all formats, so it should work for everyone.  The print version with the story is making its way to retailers, so if you find broken links to the print version, that’s why.  I’ll try to get the links on the site fixed as soon as possible.  I hope you enjoy reading it!


The Death Downstairs

Cassie Pengear Mysteries book 7Here is your first look at the cover for the seventh Cassie Pengear mystery, The Death Downstairs.  It will be released on September 26, 2017, and as always, it will be on a pre-order release week sale, with a little difference.  I’m planning to put the bundle of the first three books on sale soon, and I figure most people reading this blog have already read those, so I wanted you to get a bit of a bargain too, so instead of the usual $2.99, the pre-order price will be $.99 until October 1.  I’ll post  links to the pre-order pages here and on the book’s page as they become available.

Here’s the backcover text of the book.

When Cassie Pengear’s landlady asks her to check the references of the new tenant downstairs, she expects it to be a simple matter of confirming what was provided. She did not expect it to lead to a dead body in the flat below, a series of thefts in the building, and mysterious events at a bank she’s done typing for. If Cassie wants to feel safe in her flat again, she’ll have to solve the death downstairs.

And the links I already have.

Cover Reveal- A Drowning in Bath


Here it is, the newest Cassie Pengear book  A Drowning in Bath.  

Cassie Pengear had just solved a difficult case in London and was looking forward to a quiet holiday in Bath where she could relax, visit the Regency sights, and read Jane Austin novels. Her cousin Milly had very different ideas of a how to spend their holiday and convinced Cassie to try the mixed bathing at the hotel baths. While there, they witness one of the guests being murdered. With the police insisting it was nothing more than a tragic accident, if she wants to see the killer caught, Cassie has no choice but to try to solve A Drowning in Bath.


It will be going up for pre-orders this week and be released on December 13, 2016.   I’ll do a separate post when I start getting pre-order links.  Like usual, it will be on a pre-order/release week sale for $2.99 then go to it’s usual price of $4.99.

A few other notes.  I’m updating the formatting on some of the older books so they’re more consistent, so if you see something’s been updated, it’s cosmetic, nothing’s changed in the story.  The only one that will have a major difference is Killing at the Carnival.  I’ve added the first couple chapters of Death at Dinner as a sample to the end.  I’m not that fond of samples at the end myself since I’m not used to guessing when a book will end on my e-readers, but I’ve had several people tell me they like it, so I’m trying it.

And there’ll be something else later in the week, but I’ll save it for then.

Cover Reveal Cassie Pengear Mysteries book 5


Here it is, the cover for the fifth Cassie Pengear mystery– The Body in the Box Room.  It’s set for release on July 26, 2016, and as usual, if you pre-order or buy it release week, you’ll get it on sale ($2.99 instead of $4.99).  The pre-orders are slowly going live (I already have links to AmazoniTunes and Smashwords)  I’ll add the others to this post as I get them.


And if you’re wondering what case Cassie stumbles on this time, here’s the summary:

When Cassie Pengear agreed to spend the evening with her cousin Milly, and Milly’s latest gentleman caller and his mother, it was with the promise that Milly and her gentleman would not trouble her again unless there was an impending marriage.  She did not expect Milly to stumble over a body in her prospective mother-in-law’s box room, and she certainly did not expect Inspector Wainwright to draw the case.  Now Milly is convinced they’re all suspects and Cassie is the only one who can figure out who murdered the body in the box room.

In other news, I’ve started putting my books on Google Play.  Because of some difficulties in the way they work with Amazon, I’m putting the books up in sets of two after book 1.  So Killing at the Carnival is there, and a set of Books 2 and 3, and soon another set of books 4 and 5.

Links to pre-orders:


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New Release A Spartan Murder Dec. 22

A Spartan Murder

The forth Cassie Pengear mystery is going to be released December 22.  It’s called A Spartan Murder.  Here’s the back cover text.

When Cassie Pengear is summoned to Oxford as a suspect in a murder, she assumes it’s by one of the Scotland Yard Inspectors who don’t appreciate her occasional help.  She’s surprised to learn it’s from her friend Inspector Burrows and even more startling, he actually begins to give her information on the case of a murdered Oxford don.  Startling until she realizes his two best suspects are committing a crime Inspector Burrows would rather overlook simply by being together.  Now she’s keeping suspects’ secrets while investigating blackmail and murder.  approx. 53,000 words or 200 pages

It will be on a pre-order/release week sale until the end of the month for $2.99, then it will go to its regular price of $4.99.  Some stores have the pre-order up already.  I’ll add the others as I see them.  Here’s what I have so far.

edited to add links



In other news, I’m going to be releasing a bundle of the first three Cassie Pengear books soon, hopefully this weekend.  I was going to wait until book 5 came out, but I decided to do it now.  I’ll post again when it’s ready to go.

Killing at the Carnival is free most places now, including but not the other Amazon sites yet.

Killing at the Carnival is free

Cassie Pengear Killing at the Carnival coverThe first Cassie Pengear mystery, Killing at the Carnival, is now free most places (Amazon is still $.99 since I can’t directly set it free there, but hopefully they’ll price match it soon)  I’m not sure if this will be a permanent thing or just until after the holidays; I’ll see how it goes.  The links are all the same as on the book’s page.  I’ll have another update soon, I just have to get a couple of things in order.

Cassie Pengear Book 3 Released Today

Cassie Pengear Stabbing Set with Sapphires

Stabbing Set with Sapphires: Cassie Pengear Mysteries book 3 is out today!  I finally have all the links so here they are.  It will be on sale for $2.99 this week then go up to its normal price of $4.99.

BarnesAndNoble   iBookstore   Kobo

Smashwords   DriveThruFiction

Here’s the back cover text:

Cassie Pengear thought a job typing up inventory lists at a jewelry store would be fun. Until there was a kidnapping. And then a robbery. And then a murder.  Now Cassie must figure out the connection between the events and hope it will lead her to the missing girl.  approx. 68,000 words, print version 246 pages