A Bit of Housekeeping

Cassie Pengear Mysteries pictureJust a little bit of housekeeping.  I’ve gone through all the ebooks in the series and standardized their formatting.  Over the years, I’ve formatted a couple of different ways, and now I’ve found one method that I like (a program called Jutoh if you’re curious) so I went through and made everything the same across all the books and took care of a couple of typos that had cropped up while I was at it.  I only made one actual change to anything in the stories themselves, the name of a character who turns up in Death at Dinner and briefly in Stabbing Set with Sapphires (books 2 and 3) inadvertently shared a name with a recurring character who first showed up in a later book.  I didn’t want there to be any confusion over whether she was the same character (she isn’t) so I changed her name.  And then I didn’t want the change to cause any confusion either, so I’m blogging about it.  I did this before the recent sale on the bundle, so if you bought it during the sale, the name was already changed.  And now, back to work on book 9.

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