Deliveries and a Dead Body

cover of L. A. Nisula's mystery novel Deliveries and a Dead Body showing Kate and Ada looking through a door at the body

Ada Shepherd and her wife Kate Ferris were having a perfectly normal day making deliveries for their Mayfair tinkering and haberdashery shop until they reached the Mertons’ house. There, they found an empty house, an unlocked door, and a dead body in the middle of the entryway. To make the day even stranger, by the time Ada returned from looking for assistance with a policeman in tow, the body had disappeared and the house was filled with quite the normal number of people, all while Kate had been waiting on the front step. With no body, the police won’t investigate, leaving Kate and Ada with no choice but to take matters into their own hands if they want to find out what really happened.

Kate Ferris and Ada Shepherd are partners in life and in their business, a tinkering and haberdashery shop in Mayfair, London. Somehow this leads to them stumbling over bodies and other strange happenings. Join them as they solve mysteries in a steampunk version of Victorian London in this charming spin-off of L. A. Nisula’s Cassie Pengear Mysteries.

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