Cassie Pengear Book 9: Murder Near Slaughter

cover of Murder Near Slaughter

Yes, there is finally a Cassie Pengear book 9. It’s called Murder Near Slaughter and takes place in a village in the Cotswolds . It’s available for pre-order now and it will be released September 17, 2019. Since I’m planning on doing a sale on some of the older books later this fall and that probably won’t matter much to people following this blog, I decided that, instead of the usual $2.99 pre-order/release week sale price, I’m putting it on sale for $.99 until September 21, then it will go up to $4.99. More information and links below.

Cassie Pengear was expecting a relaxing holiday in a Cotswolds village near Lower Slaughter, staying in a cottage borrowed from a friend of her landlady. She was not expecting to spend most of her first day there trying to find someone to give them the key to the cottage. And she definitely wasn’t expecting to walk in the front door and find a body on the sitting room rug. Now the local police consider her and Mrs. Albright suspects, and the London man she was counting on turns out to be Inspector Wainwright. If she wants to clear their names, Cassie will have to solve the murder near Slaughter.

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