Upcoming Sale

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Just a quick post to let you know I’ll be having a sale on the Cassie Pengear bundle next week (starting Nov 18 officially).  I’ll start lowering the price to $.99 this weekend and the sale will run through the end of the month.  You can find all the buy links here.

Cassie Pengear Book 9: Murder Near Slaughter

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Yes, there is finally a Cassie Pengear book 9. It’s called Murder Near Slaughter and takes place in a village in the Cotswolds . It’s available for pre-order now and it will be released September 17, 2019. Since I’m planning on doing a sale on some of the older books later this fall and that probably won’t matter much to people following this blog, I decided that, instead of the usual $2.99 pre-order/release week sale price, I’m putting it on sale for $.99 until September 21, then it will go up to $4.99. More information and links below.

Cassie Pengear was expecting a relaxing holiday in a Cotswolds village near Lower Slaughter, staying in a cottage borrowed from a friend of her landlady. She was not expecting to spend most of her first day there trying to find someone to give them the key to the cottage. And she definitely wasn’t expecting to walk in the front door and find a body on the sitting room rug. Now the local police consider her and Mrs. Albright suspects, and the London man she was counting on turns out to be Inspector Wainwright. If she wants to clear their names, Cassie will have to solve the murder near Slaughter.

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Smashwords Sale

Smashwords is having a year-end sale until January 1, and I’ve put Death at Dinner, Stabbing Set with Sapphires, and A Spartan Murder on it.  They’re 75% off, so $1.25 each, so if you’ve been waiting to get them or you know someone who hasn’t read them, now’s a good time.  Smashwords sells books in epub and mobi format, so they should work with whatever ereader you use.  The coupon codes are right on the book’s page on Smashwords.  Here are the links.

Death at Dinner

Stabbing Set with Sapphires

A Spartan Murder

A Bit of Housekeeping

Cassie Pengear Mysteries pictureJust a little bit of housekeeping.  I’ve gone through all the ebooks in the series and standardized their formatting.  Over the years, I’ve formatted a couple of different ways, and now I’ve found one method that I like (a program called Jutoh if you’re curious) so I went through and made everything the same across all the books and took care of a couple of typos that had cropped up while I was at it.  I only made one actual change to anything in the stories themselves, the name of a character who turns up in Death at Dinner and briefly in Stabbing Set with Sapphires (books 2 and 3) inadvertently shared a name with a recurring character who first showed up in a later book.  I didn’t want there to be any confusion over whether she was the same character (she isn’t) so I changed her name.  And then I didn’t want the change to cause any confusion either, so I’m blogging about it.  I did this before the recent sale on the bundle, so if you bought it during the sale, the name was already changed.  And now, back to work on book 9.

Ebook Sale

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I’m having a sale on the bundle of Cassie Pengear mysteries 1,2, and 3. It will be $.99 starting today until October 25, 2018. So if you haven’t read the first three books in the series or know someone who might like them, now’s the time. The links are on the book’s main page here.

I’m also going to be doing a sale on book four, A Spartan Murder, starting at the end of the week and going until the 25th as well. Links are here.