Glitch with Death Downstairs

Cassie Pengear Mysteries book 7I just found out the other day that some people have had a glitch with their copies of Death Downstairs on Amazon where they were getting the wrong ebook file (thanks to Amy for letting me know about it). It should be fixed now, and Amazon is sending out an update to existing files. If yours doesn’t update automatically, try going to accounts&lists and from the drop down menu go to manage content and devices and then you can search for Death Downstairs in the box midway down the right side of the page. When you find it, there should be an update button to the right. Clicking that should fix it. Since I’m sure some of you returned the book already, I’m going to put it back on sale until next week so you can re-buy it at the pre-order price. If anyone still has trouble, let me know.

edited to add– the sale will end on Dec. 23, 2017.  It might take a couple of days for the normal price to filter through all the sites, but that is when I’m setting it back.  If anyone still has trouble with the book, let me know.

Cover Reveal

cassie mayfair draft3 copy

I have the cover for the next Cassie Pengear Mystery, so I thought I would show it to you a little early.  The book will be available for pre-order early next year.  I’ll let you know when I have an exact date.

Cassie Pengear was expecting a quiet week helping her friends Kate and Ada inventory their Mayfair tinkering/haberdashery shop, with nothing more exciting to worry about than a shaving mug thrown through the window, hiding the evidence of a student prank, they assume. But then a body is found a few streets away, and the inspector in charge of the murder case begins to suspect Kate. Now Cassie must help her friend by finding the connections between mugs, murder, and Mayfair.

Sale Ending Soon

Cassie Pengear Mysteries picture

Just a reminder that the $.99 sale on the Cassie Pengear ebook of the first three mysteries will be ending soon. The official end date is December 6, but it does take a little while for the changes to go through, so you might be able to pick it up at that price through the end of the week, but if you’re planning on taking advantage of the sale, now’s the time.

Sale Extended

cover for L. A. Nisula's Cassie Pengear Mysteries book 1,2,3

A quick update because I wanted to let you know that I’m going to be extending the sale on the Cassie Pengear Mysteries bundle.  There are a couple of advertising opportunities I wanted to take advantage of, so it will now be on sale until December 6th.

Sale on Cassie Pengear Mysteries Bundle

cassieBundleCover copysc6

I mentioned when I posted about book 7 that I would be putting the bundle of books 1,2 and 3 on sale to get new readers for the series, and now I have the dates.  It will be $.99 instead of the usual $6.99 from October 13 until November 6.  Those are the official dates, but the sale price will probably come up a little before and stay up a little bit after because I want to make certain it gets to all of the sites for those dates.  So if you’ve been thinking of reading the first three books or you know someone who would like them,  Friday is a good time to get them.

New Short Story

I’ve added a new short story to the site, A Case of Two Clerks.  You can read it here.  I’ve also added it to the end of Killing at the Carnival as a bonus story.  New downloads of the book should have the story in it, but I don’t have any control over whether or not retailers update previous copies (I know Amazon tends not to update old purchases), so if you want to download a copy with the new story, Smashwords is probably your best bet, and they have all formats, so it should work for everyone.  The print version with the story is making its way to retailers, so if you find broken links to the print version, that’s why.  I’ll try to get the links on the site fixed as soon as possible.  I hope you enjoy reading it!


The Death Downstairs

Cassie Pengear Mysteries book 7Here is your first look at the cover for the seventh Cassie Pengear mystery, The Death Downstairs.  It will be released on September 26, 2017, and as always, it will be on a pre-order release week sale, with a little difference.  I’m planning to put the bundle of the first three books on sale soon, and I figure most people reading this blog have already read those, so I wanted you to get a bit of a bargain too, so instead of the usual $2.99, the pre-order price will be $.99 until October 1.  I’ll post  links to the pre-order pages here and on the book’s page as they become available.

Here’s the backcover text of the book.

When Cassie Pengear’s landlady asks her to check the references of the new tenant downstairs, she expects it to be a simple matter of confirming what was provided. She did not expect it to lead to a dead body in the flat below, a series of thefts in the building, and mysterious events at a bank she’s done typing for. If Cassie wants to feel safe in her flat again, she’ll have to solve the death downstairs.

And the links I already have.

A Kate and Ada short mystery


I said in my last post that I’d have something else to post, and here it is, a little holiday present for all of you. A free short Christmas mystery featuring Cassie’s friends Kate and Ada. I’ve put it on its own page so it’s easier to read, so you can find it here. Enjoy!

(updated to add pic)

edited to add: I wasn’t planning on releasing this as an ebook, but since I made a cover for it, I thought why not.  you can find links here  It’s free in most stores.  Amazon doesn’t let me make it free directly, but they may chose to price-match it.  If you’d like a copy to read on your Kindle, Smashwords has a mobi version that will work.

Pre-order links for A Drowning in Bath


The release date is December 13, 2016.  The pre-order sale will last until December 17.

I’ll update this post as I get more links.



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