Blackmail in the Ballroom and New Covers

cover of L. A. Niusla's mystery novel Blackmail in the Ballroom

I know I’ve been quiet for a while, but finally, some exciting news. There will be a new Cassie Pengear book coming out on November 23, 2021. I’m getting the pre-orders set up and I will post links as I get them. The book is called Blackmail in the Ballroom. Cassie gets drawn into a murder investigation when a blackmail payment is interrupted by a corpse. There’s a longer summary below.  I’ll start posting buy links when I have them.  The books will have a pre-order/new release price of $.99 then go to $4.99

And some other exciting news, you may have noticed the cover for Killing at the Carnival on the side here has changed. Since this is book 11, it seemed like a good time to update all my covers. The new ebook covers should all be up by the end of the week, the print ones will take a little longer, as print always does. It’s a little more than a tweek but not a huge change.  You can see them all on the Books page I hope you like them!

When Cassie Pengear’s cousin Milly asks her to help a friend leave a blackmail payment at a party, Cassie’s first impulse is to say no. That is until she realizes Milly will help no matter what she says, and when, not if, Milly gets in trouble, it will be up to her to get Milly out of it. But the payment doesn’t quite go as planned, being interrupted by a dead body. And as Milly was involved in the payment, Cassie finds herself dragged into investigating the murder and the blackmail in the ballroom.








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