Glitch with Death Downstairs

Cassie Pengear Mysteries book 7I just found out the other day that some people have had a glitch with their copies of Death Downstairs on Amazon where they were getting the wrong ebook file (thanks to Amy for letting me know about it). It should be fixed now, and Amazon is sending out an update to existing files. If yours doesn’t update automatically, try going to accounts&lists and from the drop down menu go to manage content and devices and then you can search for Death Downstairs in the box midway down the right side of the page. When you find it, there should be an update button to the right. Clicking that should fix it. Since I’m sure some of you returned the book already, I’m going to put it back on sale until next week so you can re-buy it at the pre-order price. If anyone still has trouble, let me know.

edited to add– the sale will end on Dec. 23, 2017.  It might take a couple of days for the normal price to filter through all the sites, but that is when I’m setting it back.  If anyone still has trouble with the book, let me know.

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