The Cassie Pengear Mysteries

The first couple of books can be read in any order. After that, the mysteries all stand alone, but there are reoccurring characters and mentions of previous cases.  Click on each book for buying links.

Cassie Pengear Killing at the Carnival cover

Book 1

Killing at the Carnival 

Cassie thought a trip to the carnival would be fun, until the entertainment produced a dead body.


Book 2

Death at Dinner

When Cassie agreed to help out her landlady’s friend, she thought it would be serving dinner, not solving a murder.

Cassie Pengear Stabbing Set with Sapphires

Book 3

Stabbing Set with Sapphires

Cassie expected her latest job typing inventory lists for a jewelry store would mean describing jewelry, not stumbling over a corpse.

A Spartan Murder cover

Book 4

A Spartan Murder

When Cassie is summoned to Oxford as a witness in a murder, she finds more secrets than she expected.


Book 5 

The Body in the Box Room

When Cassie accompanied her cousin Milly to meet Milly’s gentleman caller’s mother, she expected to act as a distraction, not help solve a murder.

cover of Cassie Pengear Mysteries book 6 A Drowning in Bath by L. A. Nisula

Book 6 

A Drowning in Bath

Cassie and her cousin go to Bath after solving a difficult mystery, only to stumble upon another murder.

Cassie Pengear Bundle 1